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A piece of junk mail might save us money????

March 25th, 2006 at 09:57 pm

Today, I got a piece of "junk mail" in the mail. It was an ad/offer to refinance my house on a flexible plan (four different payment amounts to choose from), lower interest rate AND their hook is that they'll pay for our property taxes for 2005. I could skip up to 2 payments on my mortgage as well. It sounds a bit too good to be true but for the sake of saving money, I will call them on Monday just to see how their program works. If it is a GOOD program to refinance our house, we may finally be able to pay off those pesky credit cards! I'm sure I'll be posting here in the next couple of days to tell everyone whether it was a scam or not.

So how deep in debt is this?

March 23rd, 2006 at 07:49 am

I've gotten to the point where I'm thinking and scheming every day to figure out how to get ourselves out of credit card debt and pay off my student loans. We're so far behind it's ridiculous! To date we have paid off the two lowest balanced credit cards just to get them out of the way. Now I have to work on the "biguns" to get their collections people to quit calling me day and night.

Today I took care of my student loans, applied for a forbearance and a payment lowering plan for the time being so I can stay in the good graces of Sallie Mae and company. I also pulled all three of my credit reports today and took a look at what those missed payments on my credit cards are doing to my credit. Needless to say, I'm not happy about that at all. I also found an account that is not mine on one of my reports and disputed it! The last thing I did was apply for a loan to consolidate all our remaining credit card debt to a lower interest rate. I'm hoping even with the state of my credit reports, I'll be approved so I can get rid of these pesky credit cards for good.

The only thing left will be to figure out how to get my property taxes paid. We were hoping for the tax return money for that but the IRS had other ideas for our money. This one I'm still working on.

I still haven't mastered the art of NOT spending money but I'm working on it. I always seem to find things we need though. Of course, yesterday I went to Half Price Books with two boxes of books and got $20 out it, not as much as I hoped, but good enough I guess. I also have a CD for sale out on Ebay, seller ID midlight21 if you want to check it out.